Why Virtualize Your PBX?

Craig Hodges, 586-330-9252

  • VmWare Reliability, Maintenance and Recovery
  • Never purchase Proprietary PBX Hardware again
  • Affordable Geographic Resiliency
  • SIP Trunks provide Geographic Resiliency relying upon DNS not Circuit ID
  • Hardware Standardization
  • Hardware upgrades are standards based and handled on your time line, not the manufactures
  • Encrypted Voice/RTP and Call Control
  • Setting up a Remote Worker is a snap
  • Seamless integration of Cellular Network into PBX functionality
  • ACD environments span geographic distances with ease
  • Reduced FCC Taxes compared to Hosted Suppliers
  • The most efficient use of your capital


Let’s discuss how this can work into your Virtualization framework.  Please feel free to call 586-330-9252 or email craig_hodges@bsbcom.com

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What customers are saying…

“Craig is very customer oriented and has been a key contributor in helping our company address customer requirements in a timely and cost effective manner.” November 19, 2009

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , High Integrity

George Price, http://www.psicontactcenter.com

“We hired Craig & BSB Communications when we needed a new phone system installed at our new location. From start to finish, we were completely satisfied with all aspects of the implementation. I highly recommend their services for great value.” December 29, 2007

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , High Integrity

Patricia Fuson, http://www.metroimaging.net

“Craig Hodges is far an away the best sales & service provider I have ever worked with. We started working with him when we needed to replace our aging phone system. He established what our real needs were and what our budget was, and came back with a solution. He blew away his competitors. (I shopped the heck out of this purchase) The installation, training and followup was perfect. I have since worked with Craig on several data integration projects for his customer’s outbound telemarketing systems and all his customer’s seem to relay the same excellent sales experience. Wish all my vendors were this good!” January 5, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

Patrick Bresser http://www.bressers.com

“I have worked with Craig at several places of business. He has sold and coordinated the installation and maintainence of new and used telecommunications equipment and wiring. His professionalism and expert knowledge made the process seamless and stress free.” January 4, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

Carol Schilling

“I have worked with Craig for over 10 years and stands by his work. Always feel as if I am getting his best work and I am confident that I always will.” September 30, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Good Value

Scott Patterson http://www.3pointmachine.com

contact me at craig_hodges@bsbcom.com

586-330-9252 DID/Cell


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