Let me Solve Your Fax Issues – Faxing over IP

Faxing over IP has been a challenge since our first IP installation in 1998. Although we have had relatively good success faxing over managed networks, at times it can be a challenge to get it to work reliably.  Networks today have less packet loss, less jitter, and less latency allowing Codec’s G711 to transmit reliable fax or occasionally using T.38.   Customers are now beginning to fax over IP on unmanaged networks, in other words the Internet.  In some instances unmanaged networks work, in other instances they don’t work at all.
As organizations are relying less on managed bandwidth and more on software defined networks (SDN) companies that require fax, such as the medical industry, are seeing challenges once again.
I am happy to report that a company has solved the faxing over IP issue with absolute results.  The fax is essentially emailed to proprietary appliances where the email is turned back into a fax signal in which any standard fax, multi-function device or eFax appliance can receive it. You’re no longer handcuffed to expensive out-of-date telephone lines and you can keep your fax device, eliminating a very costly part of your business.


If the cost of fax lines or the reliability of your fax lines is causing issues, give me a call. Together, we can fix it.


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