Do You Have Too Much Capacity? Find Out How to Save Money Monthly.

Recently, one of my customers signed a new dial tone contract with their carrier. The customer did a great job driving down telecom costs with this new contract but failed to take into account capacity. Their business has changed over the years and they were only utilizing half of what their contracted provided for. The small amount saved on the new contract pales in comparison to what would have been saved purchasing the proper capacity. Had capacity needs been analyzed the savings would have been around $12,000 annually.

When you are looking to drive down cost of your monthly phone bill is important to consider usage. There are tools to help you do this.  The link to one is below:

Erlang Capacity Calculator

If you are in the market for a new carrier or your contract will be expiring in the next 12 months please let me know. I am not only interested in saving you money, but also making sure you have the correct capacity for your business.


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