Call accounting software collects and records call details, reporting on telecom usage, costs and activity. Call accounting software is more important than ever, accomplishing many necessary tasks.
The most important job of call accounting software is notifying you if your system gets hacked. The software will alert you to abnormal calling patterns helping to prevent abuse such as toll fraud. See my past article on toll fraud:
With the advent of SIP, call accounting software is a necessity. It can identify the peaks and valleys within call patterns, insuring you have the correct number of SIP trucks. This helps to reduce your overall costs, yet allows your calls to go through.
Another important use of call accounting software is allocating telecom costs among various departments within your organization. Tracking the number of calls each department places can allow for intra-company billing, ensuring each department pays for their usage.
Finally, call accounting software can also help measure employee productivity. The number and extension dialed, the time of the call, and call length can all be recorded. This information can be configured onto an innovative dashboard allowing you to quickly and easily view how productive your employees really are. Dashboards can be configured with a variety of graphs, call summaries or a feed of the details making it easy to decipher and to utilize the information.
As always, if you have any questions with regard to call accounting software or any other telecom issue please feel free to call or send me an email.

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