Communication Could Prevent a Crash

I am copied on every service order that my customers place. I briefly scan each one looking for patterns. If I see something reoccurring, with the same customer, I escalate the issue.  For one customer, the email was short: “They changed out the firewall and switch and the phones are not working now.”

In many cases, telephony solutions are engineered to achieve 99.999% reliability. And yet to maintain this level of reliability we need cooperation from the customer.  Just as human error shut down much of Amazon’s web services a few weeks ago, so to can this happen to your company. (

If you are making network changes it is important that they are documented. It is also important to discuss these changes with your telephony support team at BSB Communications, Inc.
If receiving calls is critical to your business, schedule time with our service department, before making changes to your network, just in case things don’t go as planned.

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