Do You Have a Good Supplier or a Bad Supplier?

A recent survey I read stated that in some market segments up to 60% of customers are not satisfied with their VoIP system and service. The same survey stated that, in these market segments, before the advent of VoIP, PBX customers were 90% satisfied.
Why the high level of satisfaction in the past? Mainly, it was due to having a telephony solution designed end-to-end, by a single manufacturer, supported by a local team of trained engineers who understood telephony. Once a call left the building, the company’s dedicated telephony solution was connected to a dedicated worldwide voice network, utilizing strict telephony standards.
Today advanced VoIP platforms do so much more than platforms of yesterday and yet they are not architected like a PBX of the past.  So why are customers experiencing such low satisfaction? First, the barrier to entry into the telephony business is very low, allowing anyone with a business card, website and a desire to sell telephony solutions to compete for business.  Second, many organizations have internalized telephony support and moved away from their voice centric telephony suppliers, treating voice as just another application for the IT department to manage. In other instances, they have abdicated customer service to a hosted provider, with no local support. Concurrently, the hosted provider may utilize the “common” Internet for telephone calls.  I use the term “common”, because anyone with a connection to the Internet could potentially affect the level of satisfaction. Finally, today’s telephony solutions are architected to ride over the top of your entire shared data infrastructure of Wide Area Networks (WANS), servers, firewalls, LAN switches, cabling and in some instances the common Internet to deliver voice.  These telephony solutions are oftentimes connected to the outside world utilizing weak VoIP standards.  Any one of these components, or combination of the above components, including the levels of software within each component, can cause voice quality problems.
If communicating to your customers over the telephone is important, then how does a company today find the same level of past satisfaction?  Regardless of your company’s vision of how telephony solutions should be delivered, be that premise, hosted, or a hybrid of both feel free to give me a call so we can discuss how BSB is still delivering yesteryears level of satisfaction.
We run our business like your business depends on it.
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