Important News: E911 Legislation Delayed.

E911 Legislation Delayed 3 Years
E911 (Enhanced 911) means that when a 911 call is placed the caller’s phone number and specific location are delivered to the correct PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point or 911 dispatcher).  The local street address information will not be enough. Detailed telephone location information such as the building, floor, or room number must automatically be provided to the 911 dispatcher.
This pending legislation affects all businesses that operate a telephone system inside one or multiple buildings, buildings that share a single address, or are more than 7000 square feet. The new law was scheduled to be enforced beginning December 31, 2016.  It has been delayed, again, until December 2019.  Please note that it has been approved by both the House and Senate and is currently waiting for Governor Snyder’s signature.  He is expected to sign.
Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions regarding E911.
Craig Hodges

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