Are You a Forward Thinking Customer?

Just as my customers learn from me, often I learn from my customers. Forward thinking customers are fans of innovation. Presenting a need and also a possible solution, these customers challenge me to be creative, dynamic and flexible. One recent example is the West Bloomfield Public Library. IT Director, Bob Pesale wanted his employees to be connected and mobile throughout the library, without the need to be burdened with a heavy handset, tablet or laptop. Besides just being able to communicate with staff, he also wanted library personnel to have access to information. Ideally, library patrons would be able to approach any staff member and have their request fulfilled.

Pesale suggested utilizing Android Phones on their Wi-Fi network. Not only could West Bloomfield Library use the Wi-FI network to access the Internet, they could also use the Internet and these smart phones as extensions of their desk phones without incurring any additional charges due to consumption of minutes. The solution was to use the Androids as SIP phones with software running on it utilizing LAN.

There are numerous advantages to this smart phone design. The first is a lower cost of the phones. The second is durability. A proper case and these devices can have long life. Next is the ease of use. Just about everyone can use a smart phone. Workplace mobility and productivity are additional benefits. By using the Wi-Fi network and the smart phone, employees are connected not only to the Internet but also to a quality voice network.

It should be noted that these devices are owned by the library, do not leave the property and are shared amongst the different shifts.

Please let me know if I can be of assistance in implementing your “forward thinking” idea.


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