If Disaster Strikes Will Your Business Continue to Run?

For the past four decades Liberty Union Life Assurance Company, based out of Madison Heights, Michigan, has been serving small to mid sized businesses.  Specializing in providing employee life and health insurance benefits, communication is essential to Liberty Union’s business.

Fifteen years ago, Liberty Union owner, Chris Mazur, purchased a call center platform from BSB Communications.   In 2007 Chris deployed remote IP agent technology in order to improve and retain his agent quality.  (In 2013 I attended a seminar put on by Gartner Group that stated 66% of at home agents have a college degree vs. 13% of in house agents)  Mazur’s decision was based on the idea that allowing employees to work remotely from home would expand the geographic area talented workers could be recruited from and also allow current employees more flexibility in their workday, increasing retention.

On August 12, the day after the famous Detroit flood, Chris Mazur realized another benefit of his decision to implement remote workers- disaster recovery.  Madison Heights was one of the hardest hit areas, with hundreds of buildings underwater.  Liberty’s building was uninhabitable.  Despite the unusual circumstances, Liberty’s business was uninterrupted and continued on as usual.  Onsite workers easily transitioned to their home offices.  Even the call center didn’t miss a beat by simply utilizing their home high-speed Internet access and the extra desk phone available at home.  Mazur is very pleased with his VoIP technology and even though he experienced a total facility loss business was not interrupted.

Our next move in order to keep Liberty Union ahead of the curve is a hybrid-hosted solution.  A hybrid-hosted solution brings all the cost savings associated with owning a telephony solution along with all the benefits of a hosted platform.

Craig B. Hodges




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