Helpful sites to manage your telephony

This month’s blog is a simple reference of helpful telephony sites.

VoIP Spear will allow the VoIP administrator to have a historical indication of
the MOS Score for remote workers. In other words, you will get an indication of
how your remote workers’ internet connections are handling VoIP.

Visit VoIP Spear 

The VoIP Security Blog will answer questions about VoIP security and how to secure
your SIP traffic.

VoIP Security Blog 

Do you need to calculate bandwidth requirements, telephone line requirements, agent
requirements, etc? Then the Online Traffic Tool is the site for you.

Visit an Online Traffic Tool 

The site below provides a real time test for MOS Score, Quality of Connection, and will also allow you to find out if your firewall will pass VoIP.

Start your test now 

If you have ever scrutinized your phone bill you might have wondered what all the charges are. If you have never carefully looked at your phone bill do so, you will be surprised. The site below breaks down all these charges.

This site breaks down all the charges on your phone bill. 

Craig B. Hodges keeps you up to date on technology and explains the latest in telephony.

The Telecom Ambassador 

Looking for a professional telephony team who installs productivity enhancing telephony

BSB Communications, Inc. 

If you still have questions after visiting any of these sites, feel free to give me a call or send me an email.
Craig B. Hodges

Telecom Ambassador Blog 

BSB Communications Inc.
586-859-6308 DID/Cell



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