How does Unified Communications fit into your organization?

My article entitled “Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan?” (DRP) was my most inquired upon blogs. My article on “BYOD” (bring your own device) also generated much interest.  As a follow up, I am writing about Unified Communications. (UC) As the title implies, unified communication unites all forms of communications and makes communications and information accessible on multiple devices from any location.  BYOD, having a disaster recovery plan, and Unified Communications go hand in hand.

A disaster recovery plan ensures that important operations can continue with very little downtime.  Telecommunications is essential to day-to-day business operations. If you can access your data and communications remotely you can return to normal business functions even in the event of a disaster in your office.

BYOD refers to remote workers and employees using their own cell phones and computers for work.  Unified Communications gives full office desktop phone technology to these personal devices.   Interoperability of devices is a big advantage of UC.  A voicemail left on a phone can be retrieved in an email.  You could also check to see if the colleague who left the voicemail is available and respond via chat.   A fax is viewed in your email inbox, not printed out on the fax machine in your office.

Benefits of Unified Communications include:

  • Unites mobile devices and voice communications
  • Improves business communications, productivity, and customer response time
  • Mobility; work anywhere, anytime with all your desktop features available on any device


  • Ability to place a call and have the corporate caller ID displayed instead of your personal cell phone number
  • Access to all your contacts and ability to sync with Outlook
  • CRM integration on all devices.
  • Presence on all devices (view the availability of your colleagues)
  • Video and Audio Conferencing and collaboration from all devices (improves communication, reduces travel)
  • Hot desking
  • Softphone with video (make/receive calls with your computer)
  • Web based management tools and the ability to consolidate network management and operations equipment
  • Manage voice like other apps in your data center on same virtualized servers as other business apps.

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