Do You Have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

If a disaster occurs will your business continue running? A business continuity plan ensures that critical operations can continue with little downtime. For most businesses telecommunications is essential to day-to-day operations. If your phones are down so is your business.

Employing SIP trunks into your disaster recovery plan means you will have access the communications necessary to return to normal business functions. Most businesses have two methods of communicating with the outside world. The primary way is through your PSTN Trunks, often times called POT’s Lines or ISDN PRI. The secondary method of communication is through your Internet connection, typically using a T1, Comcast or even DSL. SIP trunks can ride over this Internet access and consequently provide a backup method for receiving calls. Benefits of using SIP Trunks include:

  • Very low monthly recurring charges (aside from small maintenance fee and taxes you        only pay for usage)
  • Easy number portability by the carrier (phone number is easily rerouted to another office or location or multiple locations)
  • Typically, the ability to forward to any number (like a cellular telephone number) during an emergency if forced out of your office space.

SIP trunks not only aid with your disaster recovery plan but can also help a company establish a global presence with very little expense. One little know feature of a SIP trunk provider is that they can allow your customers to dial a “In-Country” phone number and ring directly into your office, home, or cell in the United States. Your website can be viewed from anywhere but often people aren’t comfortable calling or doing business with someone in another country. SIP makes obtaining a local phone possible from virtually any area in the world.

Take caution when implementing SIP trunks. If you purchase SIP trunks off of the internet, find out if they are encrypted. If security is a concern then check with your current ISP to see it they offer SIP trunks because they can ensure proper security.


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