Why the Telecom Ambassador?

Recently, a potential client asked me the difference between a sales representative and an ambassador. According to Dictionary.com, ambassador is defined as an authorized messenger or representative.That title more clearly fits my job description.

In the past, the sales rep was the main source for buyers to learn about products, services, and the evolving market. The sales rep’s focus has always been on selling the customer the technology and applications that they are offering. Today, consumers have an unlimited access to information. An ambassador understands that education is the key to sales and growth, and by clarifying or affirming what the customer has learned the ambassador works to become a trusted advisor. In addition to educating, an ambassador uses his knowledge of the industry to clearly identify a customer’s needs and cost effectively solves a customer’s problem while always working to improve their productivity. An ambassador provides the potential or current client a recommended course of action. This recommendation does not always result in purchasing a product or service from the ambassador. He may suggest that the potential customer go with another supplier, product or service.

A sales ambassador also plays a key role in the entire customer life cycle, not just the sales cycle. This life cycle includes marketing, sales, and support. An ambassador is the face of the company, representing all aspects of the company and guiding the customer through the sales process and beyond.

As an ambassador, I try to keep in front of my clients (current and potential) so that I am available in order to help in the future. If I have any Doubting Thomas’s out there, I would be happy to provide non-customer references that will attest to the fact that as the Telecom Ambassador, I provide objective advice.

Whether you simply have a technology or telephony question or you are considering a new system or upgrade, my goal is to continually educate and inform, helping to solve your telephony issues.


Craig Hodges




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