Cut Your Training Budget in Half

Studies show that close to 40% of a company’s training budget goes to travel expenses.   Besides being able to cut your training budget in half there are other benefits to consider when implementing web-based training.  The first 2 benefits are convenience and flexibility.   No flights to reserve, planes to catch, or days away from the office or nights in a hotel away from families.  Eliminating travel helps with retention and creativity during meetings and training.  Employees won’t be tired from travel and the marathon method of training and meeting can be avoided.  By spreading the training over time, retention is increased.  If there is a document, idea, or project that needs collaboration, a real time meeting can be set up instantly enhancing organization productivity.  The number of people within an organization who can attend a web-based session is limitless.  In addition to increasing the number of employees participating, the ability to meet any time and any place, keeps employees where they are most productive; in the field or in the office.   Another factor to consider is global reach.  Even a small company can market to and work with international companies.  The final reason for implementing web-based training is accessibility of data.  The session is record allowing for later review to further help with retention and understanding.   Feel free to contact me with any questions or further information about implementing web-based training and meetings.

Craig Hodges



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