Does Your Business Depend on a Wi-Fi Network?

Deploying a Wi-Fi network?  Most of us have a Wi-Fi network deployed in our homes and many otherwise savvy business people believe that deploying one in the workplace is just as simple.  If your business is going to depend on a wireless network don’t be one of the many who overlook what is necessary for a successful business network.

The IT world is rife with “pretenders”.  They talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.  In many data applications these individuals can get by, but depending upon the complexity of the deployment and requirements of the application, deploying a large Wi-Fi network is an area where these individuals will certainly fail.

So what do you need to do to guarantee success?  First, always get references.  Next, clearly define where you want coverage within your building or on your property.  Third, the vendor you choose should supply a “Heat Map”.  A “Heat Map” will show you in advance where you are going to have coverage and how good that coverage is going to be in any particular spot.  Finally, the vendor you choose should guarantee, in writing, the heat map and that they will fix any coverage problems at their own expense, not yours.

Deploying a Wi-Fi network is going to cost more than many initially expect, but if you do your homework and you follow my advice you will be getting what you paid for.  If you would like to see what a proper “Heat Map” looks like please send me an email and I will forward one along.

Craig Hodges



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