Virtualization of the PBX

A new age has dawned within the enterprise telephony marketplace.  Over the past 10 years customers have been putting pressure on telephony manufactures to allow PBX software the ability to run on standards based x86, SUN platforms and even standard Ethernet Switches.  In many cases the overworked network administrators requested this in order to ease their maintenance needs.  Many manufactures have accomplished this today.

During the same period of time a company by the name of VMWare has been working on reducing management, increasing uptime, and making disaster recovery a snap within the data centers.  The short story with VMWare is it will allow 32 different operating systems (Windows, Linux, Unix etc.) to run on the same hardware platform with no interoperating issues between dissimilar operating systems and applications whatsoever, provide for easy off site disaster recovery options, and moving of applications from one hardware platform  to another with no interruption of service to the end user.  Don’t worry if none of that made sense to you, its old information to your Network Admin.  The game changer here the Virtual Mitel Communications Director (vMCD) software from Mitel  will run in your data center with any other application on the VMWare platform.  What that means to you and I is that the day of proprietary hardware, poor reliability, and a lack of features are over.  You may never purchase another telephone system again.

If you would like to hear more about vMCD please contact me.

Craig Hodges

586-330-9252 DID/Cell


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